Brand consultancy

Unsure about how to visually present yourself or your company? You dream about where you’d like your career to be in 10 years time, but how do you contribute to that happening today?

We offer a free 50 minute brand consultation session via Zoom that is ideal for individual artists, companies, festivals and charities within the arts sector. We spend time analysing your current brand identity, website and photography. We’ll discuss your goals for the future, identify and breakdown any barriers, strategise on the different paths that lead toward your future vision and advise on how you can maximise your visual output to align with your brand.

There’s no catch or sales pitch, we genuinely want to hear from you, especially if you feel lost with how to visually present yourself or your organisation. So, if you work in the arts and are looking for ways to improve your visual presence, please complete our contact form and we’ll schedule a call with you.