Building an Arts Career

Many musicians and artists struggle with the realities of a career in the arts. They have trained as a musician, but they also require business and accounting knowledge, a strong brand and online visual presence, and a strategy that will keep them on track to achieving success.  

Presented by Frances Marshall, our workshops are designed for groups of students and focuses on how to build and navigate a creative career within the arts industry. 

Our workshops encourage students to think about their long-term goals and visualise their dream career. We demonstrate the importance of developing a strategic career plan to lead towards this future vision, help them to identify and self-motivate opportunities, and highlight the realities of an arts career. 

Through case studies and interactive activities, our aim is for students to start seeing themselves as a business by providing them with practical tips that they can start implementing today. Having this outlook early will give them a better chance of leading a successful and sustainable career. 

Topics that will be covered in the workshop, include: 

Personal journey to building a career in the arts
What is your plan and where are you going?
The importance of the arts
Practical tips for: finances, business training, networking, visual content and social media
What is branding?
Interactive case study activities

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